Gluten Free


These are the products that we know are Gluten Free. There may be more items that are as well, but we are waiting on confirmation from ingredient suppliers.
Note: We are not a Gluten Free Facility and cross contamination may occur. (Packaged in a facility that processes wheat products).
If you have an extreme sensitivity to gluten, we cannot recommend any dietary needs

Heat Sensitive

NOTE:  We do not ship heat sensitive items during summer months.   Moderately sensitive products cannot be guaranteed.

Some products are sensitive to temperatures above 75 degrees.  They may soften, but still be good.  Or they may melt - then they are edible but less desirable.  Please treat them kindly.  And remember leaving your bags in the direct sunlight will increase the temperature in the bag.

Moderately Heat Sensitive
Products like Salt Water Taffy and toffee nuts can get soft if exposed to temperatures above 75 degrees and could get flattened in shipment, but the integrity of the product won't change if exposed to heat.

Heat Sensitive
Chocolates products are extremely sensitive to heat. Exposure to temperatures above 75 degrees will cause the chocolate to break down and appear "grey" or "milky". Melting will occur at temperatures above 75 degrees.

Non-chocolate wrapped candies in this category will stick terribly to their wrappers if exposed to heat.


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